Kanazawa Tourist Spots

Half-day walking tour in Kanazawa: powerful Daimyo's town

Enjoy Kanazawa, an old powerful samurai's town, quickly in a half-day walking tour.
To know this wonderful historic town, Kenrokuen garden and Kanazawa castle ruins are must-see spots.
Take a look around the garden slowly, take photos of scenery, and then enjoy the atmosphere of current fish market at Omicho.



What is Daimyo?

Daimyo means feudal lords in Japanese.

In the Edo period, Japan was divided into about 300 domains. Each domain was governed by Daimyo, the boss of samurai warriors.

The most powerful Daimyo family was Tokugawa who governed Edo area, current Tokyo.

A powerful Daimyo, Maeda clan, governed this Kanazawa area in the Edo period, and it is said that Maeda was the second richest family in Japan next to Tokugawa family.


3 Main tourist spots

These are three main spots of my walking tour in Kanazawa. 

However, this is a model tour, so I can customize depending on customers' requests.

Kenrokuen garden

As one of the three outstanding gardens in Japan, Kenroku-en Garden is a great photo spot for visitors.

Having more than 8000 trees, ponds and streams all around the garden, visitors can enjoy different scenery all year round.


Kanazawa castle ruins

Kanazawa castle was built by Maeda family, one of the most powerful feudal lords in the Edo period(1603-1868).

The Maeda's reign lasted about 300 years,  and we can imagine how much they had prospered by walking around this huge castle park.


Private Garden of Kanazawa Castle. 

Kenroku-en is a public garden to welcome guests, but this small garden was private one for people living in the castle.


Omicho fish market

Omicho fish market has the history of about 300 years.

Eating is allowed in front of the shop, so please try some of the tasty fresh sea food, fresh fruits, grilled meat and so on.

Please don't walk around while eating! 


Suggested Itinerary and Duration

8:15 Meet at JR Kanazawa Station
8:38 Leave Kanazawa by local bus
8:54 Arrive at Kenrokuen garden
        Walking tour: Kenrokuen garden and Kanazawa castle area
11:00 Take a local bus
11:15 Arrive at Omicho fish market
        Walking tour and shoping
12:30 Take a local bus
12:40 Arrive at JR Kanazawa station


Duration: 4 hours 30 min.

Transportation: Public bus system


Tour Price

12,000 JPY

Fee included

Half-day guiding service fee and public transportation ticket for the guide are included.

Guide's transportation fee to Kanazawa from Fukui: 2640 yen


Extra cash needed

1000 JPY - (approximately 9 USD) 

Admission fee : Kenrokuen garden and Castle ruins, 500 yen per person

                         *Only Kenrokuen garden : 320 yen per person

One-day free ticket of local bus: 500 yen per person


Contact info

For more information, or questions, please feel free to contact me from this contact form.

My profile is here.



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