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Yokokan Garden, 2-hour walking tour from JR Fukui station

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Yokokan garden is one of the tourist spots I recommend to foreign visitors.

Why don't you spend a luxurious time at a beautiful Japanese garden near JR Fukui station?



What is Yokokan Garden?

Yokokan is a traditional architecture built in the Edo period, mid 17th century as the villa of local lord.

Although the building was rebuilt one after the WW2, the garden almost shows its original style.

Simple tea-house style architecture, the large pond, calmness are the important features of this garden

I'm sure visitors will relax and feel comfortable.


Admission fee

Only 220 yen per person


If you pay 350 yen, you can also enter Fukui City History Museum located just next to this garden.


Some photos of Yokokan Garden

Scenery varies depending on where you are.

Enjoy the different views from each spot!

From the room of traditional steamed bath 




Feel the atmosphere of Houseboat



Traditional study room


Walking around garden





Beautiful stones



Recommended Itinerary

10:00 Meet at JR Fukui station

10:15 Arrive at Yokokan Garden

 *Enter the building first, and then walk around the garden. 

11:15 Leave the garden

11:30 Walk around Fukui castle area 

12:00 Arrive at JR Fukui station


Duration: 2 hours 

Moderate walking tour


Guiding service

If you want to know more about the garden, I can attend as a guide.

I will talk about the history, people and some episodes related to the garden as a local guide.


Tour price & customized tour

2-hour guiding fee is 4,000 JPY.

Guide's transportation fee and admission fee are included.

Paypal is available.


*I can customize the tour depending on your request, so feel free to contact me here.

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